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Egas José Vieira

  • Graduated in Architecture from FA/UTL in 1985, was invited Auxiliary Professor at ESTGAD [Caldas da Rainha (1997/2001)], and, currently, invited Auxiliary Professor at DA/UAL (since 1998). He lives and works in Lisbon.
  • EJV received 2nd prize in the invitation to tender for the enlargement of the Headquarters of the Engineering Society in Lisbon (1987), in association with Pedro Ucha.
  • MGD + EJV have buildings in Lisbon, Almada, Porto, Guimarães, Chaves and Seville published in the specialized press and have been shown (since 1978) in single and group exhibitions.
  • Authors of the controversial Urban Reconversion Study for the Estaleiro da Lisnave in Almada, MGD + EJV are currently working, among other projects, on the new campus for Egas Moniz University, at Monte da Caparica, a huge residential complex (427 dwellings) in Guimarães, the Olive Oil Museum in Mirandela, the Plan for Estrela Village (in Alqueva), the School of Music, Arts and Crafts in Chaves, as well as a residential corner building located at Av. Casal Ribeiro, in Lisbon.
  • MGD + EJV were awarded the AICA/Ministry of Culture Prize (Architecture), in 1999, for their work.

Villas by Egas José Vieira