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Francisco Teixeira Bastos


  • Architect since 1986 having received his degree from the School of Architecture, Lisbon Technical University. Founded the Atelier dos Remédios in 1997, with Madalena Cardoso de Menezes.
  • In 1992, following three projects working with Architect Manuel Vicente, became a partner in his own atelier, where deveoped the “Picadeiro” project for the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art at Queluz National Palace, obtaining an honourable mention at the II Sintra Triennal. Integrated the winning project team, ex-aequo, at the Invitation to tender Ideas for Expo'98, integrating Manuel Vicente’s team (1993). Architectural Project Manager for Manuel Vicente’s Virtual Reality Pavilion (1998).
  • Since 2000 is assistant professor, teaching Architecture Project to 3rd year students taking Architecture at the Superior Technical Institute, under Architect Manuel Vicente.
  • They have developed projects together in Portugal, principally in the area of Lisbon. This activity has mainly been conducted in the private sector, including a wide variety of projects especially regarding Urban Architecture and Restoration. In the public sector, heritage and culture-related buildings are their main areas of activity, having also implemented several Urban Planning projects.
  • They have buildings in Lisbon, Guimarães, Alentejo, Almada and Queluz Palace which have been published in the Portuguese specialized press, most importantly: Gondomar Borough Headquarters, District of Guimarães – 1995/99; The Outdoor rotating panel regarding Video Technology and the Intelligent Home, Viaduto Duarte Pacheco, Lisbon – 1996/97; Single-family house at the Herdade da Aroeira; Remodelling of three distinct fractions in a Marquis de Pombal building in Rua das Chagas, Lisbon. A number of occasional interventions at Queluz National Palace, namely: Visitor toilets, the Exhibition Room for the exhibition of the porcelain, china and glassware collection, the pedestrian bridge over the canal and the experimental and provisional Passageway made of steel, acrylic and polycarbonates in the Palace gardens.

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