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Inês Lobo


Accademic Qualifications

  • 1988 Degree in Architecture by Lisbon Technical University
  • 1992 Aptitude Test for teaching at the Universidade Lusíada, on the theme Architecture and Landscape

Academic Activities / Teaching

  • 2000 Visiting Professor of “Architecture Project” to 4th year students at the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa.

Professional Activity

  • 1990/1996 Exclusive collaboration with the Atelier of architect João Luís Carrilho da Graça
  • 1997 Atelier with Pedro Domingos
  • 2002 Own atelier

Principal Invitations to tender and Projects

  • 2004 Invited to tender for the “Creation of the Palmela Municipal Archives” Palmela
  • 2004 Invitation to tender for the project of the Faculty of Sciences and Sport Building in Centre II, Coimbra University, 1st prize
  • 2003 Museum Centre of the Ordem São João de Deus, in Telhal
  • 2003 Single family house in Grandola
    Project phase
  • 2003/2000 Single family house in Magoito, Sintra
    Project phase
  • 2003 150 Low-Cost Housing, in Madrid
    (with architect João Luis Carrilho da Graça)
  • 2002 Proposal - Project for the conversion of Praça do Turial, in the city of Albufeira
    Project phase
  • 2002 Invited to tender for the “Detail plan of St. António Park”, Costa da Caparica
    1st place (with architect João Gomes da Silva)
  • 2002 Public Invitation to tender for the design of the improvement of Santa Clara a Velha Monastery and surrounding areas, Coimbra, 2nd place (with Architect João Mendes Ribeiro)
  • 2001 Project for the PÓVOA DO VARZIM SEACOAST, under construction
    (with architects João Gomes da Silva and Gilberto Reis)
  • 2001 Invited to tender for the “Project for the realignment, buildings and public aras of da Rua D. Maria II, in Cacém. 1st place, under construction
  • 2001 Preselected invitation to tender architectural ideas for the construction of SPORTS FACILITIES, at the old army headquarters of daoiz y velarde. Retiro Municipal District, MADRID,
    (with architect João Luis Carrilho da Graça)
  • 2001 Two phase invitation to tender for the detail plan of TARELLO URBAN PARK - BRÉSCIA and support buildings, ITÁLY,
    1st place (with Architect João Gomes da Siva)
  • 2000 Public invitation to tender the Architectural Project for the PARQUE DAS CAMÉLIAS, Porto 2001, European Capital of Culture, OPORTO, 1st place, project phase. (with architect Pedro Domingos)
  • 1999 SARAJEVO CONCERT HALL Competition – 9th and AND 10th "BIENNALE" for young European and Mediterranean artists, jury’s special prize (with architect Pedro Domingos)
  • 1998 International invitation to tender, within the E.U., for the design of the CHANCELLORY AND RESIDENCE OF THE FUTURE PORTUGUESE EMBASSY IN BERLIN,
    1st place, project phase (in association with architect Pedro Domingos)
  • 1997 Public invitation to tender for the LECTURE HALL project of the University Campus of Azores University, PONTA DELGADA,
    1st place, constructed. (with architect Pedro Domingos)


  • 2004 arq./a janeiro/fevereiro
  • 2003 Jornal dos Arquitectos, Ordem dos Arquitectos, nr.212.
  • 2003 Casas - Interiores . Sul
  • 2002 Revista 2G. Arquitectura Portuguesa
  • 2001 Revista ARCHITETI.
  • 1999 Jornal dos Arquitectos, Ordem dos Arquitectos, nr.192.
  • 1999 Jornal Independente de 28 de Maio.
  • 1999 Jornal dos Arquitectos, Ordem dos Arquitectos, nr.189.

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