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Manuel Graça Dias

  • Graduated in Architecture from ESBAL in 1977, was invited Auxiliary Professor at FA/UTL between 1985 and 1996, and currently is invited Auxiliary Professor at FAUP (since 1997) and invited Associate Professor at DA/UAL (since1998).
  • He lives and works in Lisbon, where, in 1990, he created the atelier CONTEMPORÂNEA, together with Egas José Vieira.
  • The house restored in 1979, in Graça, Lisbon, in association with António Marques Miguel, was awarded the Valmôr Honourable Mention (1983);
  • He also received 1st Prize at the invitation to tender for the Portugal Pavilion at Expo'92, Seville (1989), as well as in the invitation to tender for the construction of the new headquarters of A.A.P./Banhos de S. Paulo, in Lisbon (1991), both in association with EJV.
  • He has written a wide variety of articles, critique and presentations regarding architecture in the specialized press (since 1978), and has been invited to a great number of conferences, both in Portugal and abroad;
  • He authored a biweekly programme (VER ARTES/ARQUITECTURA) aired on TV2 (1992/1996), and collaborated with TSF broadcasting regular architecture programmes on the radio (1995/1999). He was also President of the JA, one of the bodies of the Portuguese Architect Society (2000/2004), and, currently, contributes Architectural articles regularly to the weekly paper Expresso.

Villas by Manuel Graça Dias