Josep Llinás

Born in Spain, 1945.

Awarded and well-known name of Spanish architecture, has won three times the FAD Awards (Fomento de las Artes y del Diseño), in the field of Architecture and Interiors. He is a scholar of the field and a frequent personality at conferences and exhibition commissioners. He has extensive experience in academic teaching, having taught in several Spanish schools and universities.


1977 - FAD of interiorism 
1990 - Madrid Villa Architecture and Urbanism Award 
1994-95 - Finalist in the III Spanish Architecture Biennial
1995-96 - Finalist in the IV Spanish Architecture Biennial
1996 - FAD of architecture 
1996 - Dragados y Construcciones de Española 1996 from the CEOE Foundation
1997 - FAD of the opinion
1997-98 - IV Manuel de la Dehesa Award for the V Spanish Architecture Biennial 
2003 - FAD of the opinion 
1995-2005 - Decade Award

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