Souto Moura

He currently works as an architect in the city of Porto.

He is one of the most prestigious Portuguese architects and also one of the most awarded: 1st Prize at the I Ibero-American Biennial (1998), Secil Prize for Architecture - 1st Prize (1992, 2004 and 2011), Pritzker Prize (2011), Wolf Prize Artes (2013), among many others, both in Portugal and abroad - alongside Siza Vieira, with whom she collaborates regularly.
Graduated in Architecture from the Porto School of Fine Arts, he is a frequent presence in several European schools of architecture, as a guest professor, and participates in seminars and conferences in Portugal and abroad. His work has been cited in several renowned publications and exhibitions.


1980 António de Almeida Foundation Award.
1981 1st. Prize in the competition for the S.E.C. Cultural Center, Porto.
1982 1st. Prize in the contest for the restructuring of Praça Giraldo, Évora.
1984 Antero Quental Foundation Award.
1986 1st. C.I.A.C. Pavilion Competition Prize
1987 1st. Prize in the competition for a Hotel, Salzburg.
1990 1st. Prize in the "IN / ARCH 1990 for Sicily" competition.
1992 SECIL Prize for Architecture. 1st. Prize for the construction of the Auditorium and Children's Library of the Porto Municipal Public Library.
1993 2nd. Prize in the contest "The Stone in Architecture". Secil Architecture Award - Honorable Mention for the Casa de Miramar. National Architecture Awards - Honorable Mention for the S.E.C. Cultural Center and Alcanena House.
1995 International Stone Award for Architecture for the House in Braga, Verona Fair.
1996 Annual Prize of the Portuguese Section of the International Association of Art Critics. Nominated for the European Architecture Award Pabellón Mies van der Rohe, with the projects:
1990 - "Casa das Artes", Cultural Center for S.E.C., Porto.
1992 - House in Alcanena.
1994 - Department of Geosciences, University of Aveiro.
1996 - Housing Block in Rua do Teatro, Porto.
1998 - Pousada of Santa Maria do Bouro.
2000 - Courtyard Houses in Matosinhos.
2002 - House of Cinema “Manoel de Oliveira”, Porto
1998 Finalist of the IBERFAD Prize with the Pousada de Santa Maria do Bouro. 1st. I Ibero-American Biennial Award with the Santa Maria do Bouro Inn. Person Award / 98.
1999 Honorable Mention "Pedra na Arquitectura" for the Santa Maria do Bouro Inn Opinion Prize, FAD Awards, Cultural Silo at NorteShopping.
2001 Heinrich-Tessenow-Medal in Gold Award.
2002 Finalist at the III Iberoamerican Biennial of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Patio Houses in Matosinhos.
2003 Honorable Mention “Stone in Architecture” for the Matosinhos Sul Marginal Strip project

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