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Where can I get more information about the resort and the different architectural projects?

Answer There is a sales office at the resort, designed by one of the architects and following the same architectural policies in force in the resort (namely being covered in greenery), open from Monday to Friday between 9:30am and 6:30pm, and from 2:30pm to 6:30pm on weekends. In the Sales Office, you will find a scale model of the entire resort, as well as the individual blueprints, façades and models of the different architecture projects.

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Answer BOM SUCESSO- Architecture Resort Leisure & Golf is an exceptional resort which aims to become a reference among the main luxury tourist resorts in Europe. Its design strategy is based around three fundamental aspects which make this resort not only unique but also impossible to repeat:

  1. This is the only Resort exclusively with contemporary architecture, projected by 23 architects in its first phase, definitely among the best architects in the world, and according to a set of common rules. Most important among these is the fact that all roofs are covered in vegetation and the division of the different lots by hedges only; 

  2. A quite exceptional range of facilities and services;  

  3. A land use density below 6.5%, assuring a remarkable level of privacy for a resort of this dimension. 
An 18-hole Championship golf course - Golf do Bom Sucesso - stretches along the length of the over 160 Acres of the Resort, giving shape to the groups of houses, the Hotel & SPA and the other leisure facilities. 

The proximity to the sea and Óbidos lagoon, not to mention the 18 holes of the golf course itself, allow fantastic views to the villas which benefit from the extension and the natural beauty of the surrounding forest. The characteristics of this resort represent an excellent assurance for the investment added value in a location of unrivalled quality for your home or as a tourist destination.

What sort of properties are available at Bom Sucesso - Architecture Resort,Leisure & Golf?

Answer Townhouses or villas may be acquired at this resort.
The townhouses are sets of houses in a single lot, sharing a large garden area and swimming pool. With a maximum of two floors, the houses are all covered in greenery and have private courtyards and a private garden area. There are townhouses available with one, two or three bedrooms, most of with include private parking or a private garage. The plot areas for villas range between 700 m2 and 3000 m2. The price varies according to the location and the architectural project to be built on each plot. There are available villas with three, four and five bedrooms. All the villas have optional private pools. The townhouses can be purchased off plan, under construction or finished; The deed and handing over of the house only takes place once it is fully finished, together with the payment of the last installment (60%) .As for the villas, several plots are available with its architecture and execution projects, ready to start construction of the villa. BS-SGPS guarantees the total cost beforehand for all the projects available (which due to the scale of the resort, are certainly extremely competitive).

There is also a selection of finished 3 and 4 bedroom villas available for immediate handover.

The houses may be acquired as full use residence or under tourism rental operation scheme.

What are the payment terms for purchasing a plot (off plan investment)?

Answer The value of the plot is paid in four instalments:

  • 20% at the time of the signature of the Preliminary Purchase and Sale Agreement (PPSA); 

  • 15%, 6 months after the first payment; 

  • 15%, 6 months after the second payment; 

  • 50% with the public deed, 18 months after the PPSA. 
If you choose to anticipate scheduled payments, you benefit from attractive financial discounts.

What are the payment terms for purchasing a townhouse?

Answer To purchase an off plan townhouse, there are three instalments:

  • 15% of the total value upon Promissory Purchase and Sale agreement (PPSA);
  • 25% 6 months after the actual start of construction;
  • 60% of the value on the date of the public deed and delivery of house.
To purchase a townhouse under construction, there are two instalments:
  • 40% of the total value upon Promissory Purchase and Sale Agreement (PPSA);
  • 60% of the value on the date of the public deed and delivery of house.
To purchase a newly finished townhouse, there are two instalments:
  • 40% of the total value upon Promissory Purchase and Sale agreement (PPSA);
  • 60% of the value on the date of the public deed and delivery of house, no later than 90 days after the PPSA. 
You can also sign the deed immediately benefiting from an attractive financial discount for payment anticipation.

What are the payments terms for the construction of a villa?

Answer It starts with the payment of the Construction License when it is issued as well as a 10% deposit.

The construction service is paid in consecutive monthly installments. The value of each installment is determined by the works actually performed in each month. The construction period is estimated to last of 18 months after the issue of the Construction License.

Is it possible to project a house exactly according to my needs?

Answer With the diversity and richness of the architecture projects at BOM SUCESSO - Architecture Resort,Leisure & Golf, it will certainly not be difficult to find a house that suits your needs. In order to ensure the coherence throughout the resort, all plots have a specific design signed by the architect responsible for the buildings in each area.

Who is responsible for the construction of the houses?

Answer For reasons of quality and safety and in order to assure the best possible housing conditions for the residents at Bom Sucesso – Architecture Resort, Leisure & Golf a BS-SGPS, SA has assumed the responsibility of supervising the construction of all the houses. Although the work will be executed by independent contractors, the supervision of the construction work will always be performed by BS-SGPS, SA so as to guarantee the conformity and observance of resort and condominium regulations.

Which exclusive facilities can be found at the Resort?

Answer The resort provides an absolutely unique range of facilities, when compared to other resorts. Aiming to provide greater comfort and better leisure services for residents, the facilities are harmoniously integrated into the landscape and respond to a wide variety of needs. Among others we highlight: an 18 hole Championship golf course, Hotel and SPA, a dedicated beach, a tennis & paddle club, the kid’s club & playground, a professional grassed football pitch, a lazer tag field, a multi-sports field, an Heliport and a general swimming pool. The resort has also an extensive Commercial Area, with a selection of convenient establishments and services.

What are facilities offering preferential rights of use?

Answer As well as all the resort exclusive facilities, residents may also benefit from preferential rights of use on a range of establishments and facilities outside the resort, with which agreements have already been established (part of the benefits of the Bom Sucesso Card).

Examples of these agreements are those in place with the Foz do Arelho Sailing Club, Rowing Club, go karting track and a number of restaurants and other services in the West Region.

What are the benefits of the Bom Sucesso Card?

Answer The Bom Sucesso Card is assigned automatically with the purchase of any lot, detached villa or townhouse in the resort. The Card incorporates a number of unique advantages for Bom Sucesso owners. Users in temporary residential tourism also have access to the same benefits during their stay at the resort.

The card allows for preferential access to all facilities and services in the resort, including the Golf Club, in addition to preferential conditions in restaurants, clubs and shops in the neighboring region.

What are the main access routes to Bom Sucesso - Architecture Resort, Leisure & Golf?

Answer Close to the town of Óbidos in the West Region, Bom Sucesso is served by a set of new important motorways such as the A8, the A15 and the IP6. After leaving the motorway, a few miles drive will take you to the Atlantic coast and the peaceful Óbidos lagoon, adjacent to the Resort.

This important set of access routes places Bom Sucesso at a mere 40 minutes distance from Lisbon, 25 minutes from Leiria, 30 minutes from Santarém, 15 minutes from Peniche, 10 minutes from Caldas da Rainha, or 120 minutes from Oporto.

Who is the Developer of Bom Sucesso - Architecture Resort, Leisure & Golf?

Answer Bom Sucesso – SGPS, S.A. (before Acordo, SGPS, S.A) was created in 2001, a business venture whose purpose is to anticipate market trends, introduce innovation and build a strong presence in new markets, congregating, in its staff, specialists with great experience in the field of Real-Estate Development. The company acts exclusively in the real-estate market, performing its activity preferentially through majority holdings in companies prepared for the execution of a single large real-estate project.

Bom Sucesso, SGPS has offices in Porto and Óbidos and a capital stock of 10.750.000 Euros.

What are the main characteristics of Óbidos?

Answer Óbidos is located at the centre of Portugal, by the sea, 75 Km North from Lisbon. A medieval town, a land of lore and legend, it stands out due to its splendid cuisine, its dynamic cultural lifestyle and vast architectural and heritage, visited daily by thousands of tourists.
With a magnificent countryside, outstanding luxuriant fields, the blue of the sea and gorgeous white sanded beaches, it is here that Óbidos and its castle stand out in the landscape, an enchanting location of historical and cultural interest.
The famous Chocolate Festival is held here annually, attracting countless foreign visitors to that historic city in the search for those century-old chocolate secrets.

What are the characteristics of the West Region?

Answer The West Region stretches along the Atlantic coastline, a rural setting bordered by mount Montejunto. Benefiting from a mild climate, this Region is becoming increasingly noted due to its importance for tourism, especially enhanced by the Golf facilities available and its white sanded beaches. Beaches such as Baleal, S. Martinho do Porto, Areia Branca, Santa Cruz, Peniche, Supertubos and Foz do Arelho, still preserved in their original natural conditions, make this Region an excellence location.
The baths at Vimeiro and Caldas da Rainha, Roman settlements and Arab fortresses, the Natural Park at Serra de Aire e Candeeiros, the Berlengas islands Natural Reserve, Óbidos lagoon, the beaches, and the countless equestrian, rifle, fishing, sailing, gliding, diving and surfing clubs, serve as an example of the array of interests catered for in the West Region.
The Region is formed by the municipalities of Alenquer, Arruda dos Vinhos, Bombarral, Cadaval, Caldas da Rainha, Lourinhã, Óbidos, Peniche, Rio Maior, Sobral de Monte Agraço and Torres Vedras.