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Architecture is a form of artistic expression, in a certain way allowing us to live inside a work of art, to surround with beauty the best moments of our life and helping fill our leisure time with pleasure.

Bom Sucesso has achieved this form of living - more than just a home, we offer a lifestyle experience - that of residing in a work of art.

The enhancement of this experience also involves creating diversity. For this reason, Bom Sucesso was projected by a group of elite, internationally renowned architects, "chanllenged" by a promising younger generation.

Saguarding the harmony of the resort, without sacrificing the originality of each architect's work, the houses - villas and townhouses - were grouped into "niches" per architect and then into larger colour bands.

Taking great care to ensure a high level of comfort and privacy in the Bom Sucesso lifestyle, a swimming pool has been planned for each villa and each group of townhouses will be served by its own swimming pool.

All villas and facilities will have roof gardens and climbing plants, and even the gardens are arranged according to a carefully planned landscape project. There are in excess of 15.000 trees to be found all over the resort, among which we would like to draw attention to more than 2.000 olive trees, some of them over a thousand years old.

Bom Sucesso will constitute the most important permanent comtemporary architecture exhibition!