Projecto of National Interest

Project of National Interest (PIN)

Bom Sucesso – Design Resort, Leisure & Golf was considered a “ Project of Potential National Interest” ( P.I.N.), a status granted by the Portuguese Investment Agency (API), a government agency created in 2005 with the purpose of promoting and supporting large investment projects, important in the Portuguese panorama, which will generate value for the Portuguese economy.

The application to PIN status by Bom Sucesso was voted on by representatives from a number of authorities coordinated by API, namely, the Directorate-General of Companies, the Tourism Directorate-General, the Territory and Urban Development Directorate-General, as well as the Environment and the Nature Conservation Institutes. The criteria for qualification refer the special significance of the project in economic, social and technological fields, as well as environmental sustainability.

The recognition of Bom Sucesso project as a P.I.N. represents the confirmation of the public interest in this project and results directly from its innovative significance and the acknowledgment of its added-value, a paradigm for the development of tourism in Portugal. Although due largely to the involvement of some of the very best contemporary Architects, there are other equally important aspects that contribute towards the innovative nature of the resort: the quality and the number of facilities, the privileged location, and also its international projection; an abundance of positive features and an example to follow in Portugal and around the world.

“The Recognition and Supervision System for Projects of Potential National Interest (PIN) is managed by the Portuguese Investment Agency (API), a body created by the Government serving advance large investment projects in Portugal.

The purpose of this System is to promote corporate investment regarding activities that diversify the existing economic base, innovative in character and creating qualified jobs.

For this purpose, the Government created the PIN Projects Assessment and Supervisory Commission, coordinated by API and represented by the Directorates-General for Companies, Tourism, Territory and Urban Development, and also the Environment and the Nature Conservation Institutes.”